Hello Reader and thank you for coming to this page to find out about the Mission of Happy Magazine.


The content on this website is not intended to replace medical advice in any circumstance. It is important to always remember that any changes that you make to your diet, medication, cancer treatment or lifestyle should be discussed first with your medical team to ensure that they do not conflict or interrupt your specific treatment. If you have an immediate concern about your health, please contact your oncologist, GP or local emergency room.

Happy Magazine is an innovative support website and soon, a printed magazine for people affected by cancer in Ireland.

Happy Magazine publishes relevant positive and helpful content for anyone going through cancer or surviving after cancer (a patient or their friends/families) online 7 days a week/365 days a year.

Happy Magazine will soon also be publishing a print edition four times a year, available free to cancer patients across the country and available from locations to be announced.

A reader who follows Happy Magazine over time receives long-term encouragement, motivation and support to be happy in their life after a cancer diagnosis.


  • A place to find positive inspiration for living a happy life after a cancer diagnosis
  • A place to learn about relevant products and services that you may be interested in as part of your cancer experience/your life after cancer


  • A place to find medical information about cancer or cancer treatments

For information of this nature, please refer to the Irish Cancer Society website, www.cancer.ie

Please also read our website’s Terms & Conditions page.