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One of the best parts about doing Happy Magazine are the emails I receive from people who contact me to let me know that they’ve found my website and that it’s helping them through their own cancer journey. I live for those emails and they really make my day when I receive them. I do my best to write back to each email and I often find myself giving links to some of the posts I’ve written here on the site since I started as helpful ones to read if you’re just setting out on your own cancer experience. So today I thought I’d share those posts here and also create a separate page on the site for these links.

Getting through cancer treatment

5 easy ways to boost your body

12 strategies for getting through cancer treatment

The CanPlan – A planner to help you through cancer

What to pack for a mastectomy

How to tell your children you have cancer: Cora’s Story

Chemo-induced menopause – A podcast from Happy Magazine

5 positive changes to make during treatment

A Buddha Bowl Builder and a few words on diet and cancer

7 things to bring with you to chemo

7 more things to bring with you to chemo

7 ways to feel better during chemotherapy

Fresh and healthy juices delivered to your door – The Juice Works

For all things juicing – GreenValu.ie

Acupuncture as a complementary therapy for cancer

CBT as a complementary therapy for cancer

Chemo presents



A guided meditation for healing

Meditation made simple – Headspace

Guided sleep meditation

Meditation: Connecting with your heart centre

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My Wellbeing Mantra

5 ways to get your day off to a great start

Being stoic during cancer – A strategy to help

20 quotes that will motivate you today

Being human – a motivational read

5 tips for getting through hospital scans

The 10 great life lessons cancer has taught me – By Liam Ryan

Fighting cancer with an Anti-Cancer Plan – Interview with Domini Kemp

A powerful motivational talk from Les Brown

HEAL documentary – An absolute must

Bedtime gratitude

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Home workouts

Miriam’s Top 10 Reasons to Start Yoga

Home workouts: Yoga for meditation and healing

30-minute yoga sessions

Yoga for anxiety

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Battling cancer with your war paint on!

Looking after your nails during chemotherapy

Little Ondine Nail Polishes

Bottled sunshine – Non-toxic tanning products

NATURIGIN Hair Colours – A more natural alternative

PHYT’S Active Organic Skincare

The Raven App – Bringing beauty to you at home or even in hospital

Cancer massage treatments from the Touch Therapy Centre

Ciúin Spa’s Cancer Care Touch Treatments

Homemade skin treats

Multi-use, vibrant headbands from Hygge Bands


Life after treatment

Tackling cancer fears

How to be happy in an ‘inside out’ world

5 ways to look better after cancer treatment

6 ways to deal with fear after treatment is over

Cut your recurrence risk with help from the Marie Keating Foundation

Making time for little self-care treats

Finding joy after cancer

Untire – An app for beating cancer fatigue

Returning to work after cancer – Advice from a recruitment agency