The aim of Happy Magazine is to share something positive, helpful or interesting every day for people going through cancer in Ireland. It could be anything from a useful product to a motivational video, uplifting article or tasty recipe. It is hoped that over time, this website will become an inspirational resource for anyone facing cancer.

Hello and welcome! My name is Holly. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2016 at age 32.

My cancer diagnosis has, without a doubt, changed me and changed my life. Last year, I was sitting at home wishing for a book, a magazine, a website – anything – to help me get through my treatment plan. I had so many questions that weren’t suitable for my doctor, most of them surrounding the idea of how to be happy while going through cancer. Initially I wanted to create a print magazine for cancer treatment centres and hopefully that is where this website will go eventually. But for now, this website is that place I longed for at the start of my cancer journey. A place to help you cope with this time in your life, packed with positivity, inspiration, support, tips, motivation and encouragement.

I hope this website can be a support for you, a place to check daily for something to help you on your cancer journey.

Happy Magazine also has two main aims – to encourage people going through cancer to create an ‘anti-cancer plan’ – that is positive changes to their lifestyle to help prevent a recurrence of cancer after their diagnosis, and also, to promote and encourage Irish businesses and organisations that sell a relevant product or service that responds to the needs of a person going through cancer.

So far a lot of my content is about how to feel well and positive while going through cancer, about making positive changes to your life to aid in your overall health and wellbeing, and all the available tools we have at our fingertips to help us, like online yoga and meditation videos, motivational TedX speakers, etc. I also include places that are suitable to eat out at during a cancer journey, relevant events and ideas for weekend activities that are suitable for someone going through cancer treatment.

Please let me know what you think of the website, and, if there’s anything you’d like to see here, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Email me at holly@happymagazine.ie

Please note:
The content on this website is not intended to replace medical advice in any circumstance. Any changes that you make to your diet, medication, cancer treatment or lifestyle should be discussed first with your medical team to ensure that it does not conflict or interrupt your specific treatment. If you have an immediate concern about your health, please contact your oncologist, GP or local emergency room.

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