Strip and Dip for Childhood Cancer is going virtual THIS SATURDAY

Today Cancer Survivor Lorraine Taylor joins us to share all the details about this weekend’s Virtual Strip & Dip Fundraiser for Childhood Cancer.

Childhood Cancer Never Stops and Neither Do We! This weekend we are hoping to hold the World’s Largest VIRTUAL Dip.

To date, Strip and Dip has raised €780,000 for Childhood Cancer and purchased a house for Children’s Cancer Charity, Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.

Strip and Dip in previous years

In 2018, my fabulous friend Fiona Dalton and I joined 2,503 ladies on a beautiful beach in Magheramore, Wicklow for the annual Strip and Dip and broke an official Guinness World Records title for the World’s Largest Skinny Dip.

This by far was the most amazing, life changing and empowering event either of us had even done.

2,505 half-scared, naked strangers ran into a very cold Irish sea, braved the icy water for approx 15 minutes, only to emerge triumphantly changed into fearless, proud and strong warriors, World Record Breakers, friends bonded for life and sisters through and through.

Our Strip and Dip made headlines all across the globe and, most importantly, raised a spectacular €500K plus vital funding for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.   

Covid-19 restrictions aren’t stopping us this year and this Saturday, 6 June 2020, we are inviting YOU to take a Virtual Dip (in your togs!) and to join us in our virtual Guinness World Records title attempt for the World’s Largest Virtual Dip with the title “Most photos of people in water uploaded to Facebook in one hour”.

For further information and registration details, please see the below press release…

World’s Largest Virtual Dip – Strip and Dip Ladies – But No Stripping This Year


To date Strip and Dip have raised €780,000 for Childhood Cancer and purchased a House for Children’s Cancer Charity

Strip and Dip also broke an official Guinness World Records title in 2018 for the World’s Largest Skinny Dip with 2,505 ladies in attending.

Organiser Dee Featherstone describes what will be different this year. “This is the 7th Strip and Dip to be held. BUT, because of the Covid-19 crisis in relation to travel restrictions, etc. this year we have to go Virtual! But that will not stop us! The Strip and Dip started seven years ago. At the time I was undergoing treatment for aggressive breast cancer and had a brainwave after my mastectomy to do something fun – and raise money for childhood cancer! The event itself has grown from 50 women in Year 1, to 2,500 women in Year 6 – a huge achievement. This year we are going for a virtual Guinness World Records title attempt for the Largest Virtual Dip with the title Most photos of people in water uploaded to Facebook in one hour.”

What are we doing this year?

We are attempting our Second Guinness World Records title – this time for The World’s Largest Virtual Dip, specifically the ‘Most photos of people in water uploaded to Facebook in one hour’ – on Saturday 6 June 2020.

The challenge is for all ladies to take a Virtual Dip – in their togs – even in groups of 4 – to raise funds for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie. In the Bath, Shower, Paddling Pool, Beach, River – whatever suits! Then upload your picture to the Facebook Event Page between 2pm and 3pm on Saturday. The photos will be added up to see how many were uploaded in the hour. We are aiming for a fun morning in this “not so fun” time.

It’s all on

When: This Saturday 6 June 2020

Time: You have until 1pm to register and upload pics 2pm-3pm

Why: Fundraiser for

Registration Fee: €27.95 – All fees to Charity                                       

Official registration is now open:

Event Organiser: Dee Featherstone – 087 2637326

Facebook: kickingtheshiteoutofcancer

Twitter: @AoibheannsPinkT


And there’s more – be part of a Virtual Choir for “The Path that Chooses You”

  • Launch of new song “The Path that Chooses You” by Irish singer-songwriter Ollie Cole from Meath – who has featured on Other Voices and song was written from words of cancer survivors and their thoughts on cancer
  • Check out the Song here with Sea of Change to show people how to sing it
  • Three Online rehearsals with Sea of Change Director Ian Brabazon
  • Video explaining how you record your own voice and send it in to be part of the song
  • Upload of WhatsApp files of everyone singing, including the Sea of Change Choir singing this – compiled, produced and launched on the evening of Saturday 6 June on both our national airwaves and online.

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