#HollysTrial – An update from Olive

Hello everyone. What a week it has been. Please watch Olive’s update about my cancer trial trip to San Francisco. This is my huge news. THANK YOU ❤️

Olive is an incredible friend I first met through Happy Magazine and a few weeks ago she took on a mammoth job of creating a GoFundMe fundraiser for me. It has been hours and hours (and days and days) of work for her and she has never complained once, not once.

I am at home in Dublin again and resting after my USA trip. We had a long call yesterday and she offered to update everyone who has donated to my fundraiser with my big, big news. I am very grateful as I am feeling more than a little tired!

I’ll be back here soon with a full written update for you all, just as soon as I get it done (I’m looking forward to it).

Thank you all again for your support of #HollysTrial ❤️


  1. Patrick Fitzgerald
    22 June, 2020 / 12:53 pm

    Hi. I only gave 20 Euros but Holly is a representative of the finest Irish tradition of generosity. Generosity of spirit is priceless. Please keep the money. In fact, if I may. would recommend that she buy Cytodyn stock. Symbol is CYDY. The uses for Leronmilab are going to be many and there are many more patients similar to Holly who will need Leronmilab.. Also, thanks go to you for your tireless work and good luck with your business.

  2. 25 June, 2020 / 9:26 am

    An excellent update, well done. I had to pay €200 to have a consultation with a TNBC oncologist in Milan. So there’s a cost that has to be funded when seeing specialists in Europe outside of Ireland. Unfortunately that specialist retired ☹️ otherwise I would recommend her. I haven’t had to replace her. Hopefully, you can find one in the UK so as to limit the travel and to speak English. Not all medical professionals speak English in Europe. So there may be translator fees to think of too. Whichever way, I believe the fund will be eaten up in other ways. Wishing you every success 🙏❤️🤞 Clare

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