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Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday to you wherever you are.

I am coming on briefly this morning to share the news that an amazing friend of mine, Olive from Browtique, has set up a GoFundMe page for me.

A lot of people have been getting in touch and asking how they could make a donation towards the cost of my San Fran travel – I wasn’t expecting this – you are all amazing, THANK YOU.

I am launching my Happy Magazine Cancer Journal this week and I hope that if you are a woman facing a cancer journey, you might consider buying one. The journal was my plan to raise funds for my ongoing treatment costs and travel back and forth to the US for the cancer trial in San Francisco. All proceeds from the journal will be going towards my treatment.

However if you don’t need a journal and you would like to donate instead, Olive has set up this page for me on Facebook, and I am very grateful to her. Here is the link:

Since I started this second fight with cancer since last August, I have spent thousands on extra medications, supplements and complementary/integrative therapies. Two previous fundraisers have helped us pay for all of this up to now, and I am so grateful. Without this financial support so far, the journey would have been so much harder.

Please be assured that if you donate, your donation will be used responsibly to help fund my ongoing treatment costs.

I will continue to keep you all updated here on Happy Magazine.

Thank you all so very, very much for your continued support ❤️

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy. 


  1. Geraldine Cahill
    24 May, 2020 / 12:59 pm

    Hi Holly when I click on the link above all I’m getting is a blank screen, is anyone else having this problem. Geraldine

  2. Patricia Callaly
    25 May, 2020 / 8:26 am

    I would like to buy a journal. How do you go about doing that please.
    Patricia Callaly

  3. Claire
    29 May, 2020 / 11:44 am

    Hi Ive been onto facebook just now to donate and there’s no submit button coming up. Could you advise please as I dont think my donation was lodged.
    Thanks Claire

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