On sale now: Happy Magazine Cancer Journal

I am so proud to release the Happy Magazine Cancer Journal for sale today. This was a pure labour of love, it wasn’t work at all. I really enjoyed imagining my perfect journal for a cancer journey (if you have to do one, I mean!) and putting it together.

All the details about it were in the last post here on Happy Magazine, but I will re-post some of the information again below.

If you are ready to order yours, you can click here to order now.

The Happy Magazine Cancer Journal is a 120-page A5 treatment organiser with a floral design, filled with positive inspiration for getting through a cancer journey.

My idea was to create a pretty organiser/journal for women facing a cancer journey.

Something to help a woman stay focused, organised and motivated during what is often a difficult year-long experience. A journal that they would want to write in, but one that would also be useful for staying in control of the many complexities of a cancer treatment plan.

I have poured everything I have learnt from my own cancer journey so far into creating this planner to be as practical and helpful as possible.

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A planner to help you get through cancer treatment one step at a time

The journal is a mix of pages for tracking your treatment and documenting your feelings as well as inspiring content to read.

The journal is divided into five sections or ‘steps’ – the steps of a typical cancer journey: Diagnosis, Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiotherapy and Moving On.

Click the image below to explore inside the journal

Best viewed in full screen, please note that there is a watermark on this digital version.

  • Track your progress from diagnosis to treatment plan in Step One, with lined pages to write questions for your team, your appointment details, your treatment plan and records of your initial scans and investigations.
  • In Step Two, you’ll find my top tips for how to look and feel better during chemotherapy. There are also pages to track each of your chemo infusions, blood counts and side effects, record your medications and more.
  • Prepare for cancer surgery and track your recovery afterwards in Step Three, the dedicated surgery pages.
  • In Step Four, you’ll learn how to develop a home yoga practice to support you. There are also pages to log your radiotherapy appointments, goals for after treatment and back to work plan.
  • Step Five is all about moving on with life after treatment – I give my top tips for dealing with the fear of recurrence. There are also pages to log your ongoing outpatient appointments and cut-out pages to stay on track with self-care and healthy eating.

All proceeds will go towards my ongoing cancer treatment expenses

As many of you know, I am going through treatment again, this time for stage 4 breast cancer. I have a comprehensive treatment plan consisting of many strands and unfortunately, many expenses! Next month I will begin travelling to the USA on a regular basis to receive an innovative new trial drug. It is my hope that the sale of this journal will help fund my ongoing cancer treatment expenses.

On sale NOW

Click here to order your journal.

Journals are €20 each, postage is €2.50 extra. Journals will be sent in a pink padded envelope – perfect for sending as a gift if you wish. All proceeds from the sale of these journals will go towards my ongoing treatment costs.

If you would like to buy a journal for yourself or someone else, please do via the sale today and I will keep you updated on when you can expect to receive your order (it should be within the following three weeks).

I hope you will consider buying one if you are just starting out on a cancer treatment plan or know someone who is.

Who is this journal for?

This planner would primarily suit a woman facing a breast cancer journey consisting of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy as the treatment plan, but it could also be used for different cancers provided the treatment plan is along these general lines. The planner is also suitable for metastatic cancer thrivers who like to track their ongoing treatment – I’ll be using one of my test copies for this purpose over the coming months!

Please help me spread the word about this journal by sharing it with your friends.

Special mentions

As with all of my big launches, I’d like to say a few special thank yous. Firstly to my mom, who inspired me to do this journal and kept me motivated along the way. Thank you also to Ruth of Yogaru – Ruth is our yoga contributor here at Happy Magazine and she gave her permission for her article on how to develop a home yoga practice to be in the journal, as well as two of her vegan healthy eating guides for creating perfect salads and buddha bowls. Finally, a heartfelt thank you to my friend Cathy for all of her advice and good counsel on the best way to make this journal a reality, and to Olive at Browtique for her help with my GoFundMe page.

As always, THANK YOU so much for supporting Happy Magazine.

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy.

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  1. 28 May, 2020 / 9:12 am

    Just beautiful. I can’t wait to receive them for the shop. Well done Holly.

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