Videos for staying home during COVID-19 Coronavirus

In this digital age we have so many incredible free resources available at our fingertips. Today I’m sharing some online videos which you might find helpful while you are staying home during COVID-19 Coronavirus.

I’ve got recipes for smoothies and an easy salad, a home yoga workout and a fun dance workout, relaxing background music, some easy baking to do with kids, a train ride(!) and more.

First up, a video that is sure to inspire you to get cleaning in your home, if that’s what you fancy! Brianna K is one of my favourite YouTube vloggers and in one of her latest videos she has some sensible Coronavirus cleaning/disinfecting tips.

Smoothies are a great way to get goodness in. I love this video from Lisa at Downshiftology with some tasty low sugar smoothie ideas. This will help motivate you to get blending in the kitchen!

It’s still chilly out there but we can inject a little spring/summer into our lunches with this easy and healthy potato salad, also from Lisa at Downshiftology.

Looking for fun activities to do with your kids? Here’s an easy and delicious breakfast cookie recipe from Roz Purcell which you can make and bake together. I make these all the time and my little boy loves them too.

Feeling the strain? This 20 minute home yoga sequence from Yoga with Adriene will help you re-centre, find your breath and release some tension.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, this song from Marconi Union might be just the thing for you. Carefully created with the sole purpose to induce relaxation in the listener, this is 8 minutes of blissful letting go. We challenge you to be awake at the end!

This quick and fun dance workout from The Fitness Marshall will get you shimmying in your living room! Turn it up loud and get your kids in too – points for extra effort! There are also longer free dance workout videos available on his YouTube channel.

Here is an hour of beautiful, relaxing piano music from relaxdaily on YouTube. I love to put this on while I work, read or cook. It creates a lovely, peaceful atmosphere.

Finally, if you’re feeling like your walls are closing in on you, why not put this beautiful train ride through Colorado on full screen and sit back to enjoy? We might not be able to go out and travel right now, but this train ride is free and comes to you right in the comfort of your own home.

I hope you find some inspiration in these for staying home, staying well and staying happy.

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy

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