Getting creative: Making pebble art with Cathy McCarthy

Looking for a way to get creative during Ireland’s #StayHome initiative? Contributor Cathy McCarthy joins us today with an easy art tutorial you can follow along at home.

She will show you how, with a few simple supplies, you can create something special for yourself or a loved one.

You will need:

Some pebbles/shells/beach bark

A box picture frame (IKEA is the best for this)

Some wallpaper/art paper

Decorative shapes, eg. a butterfly, stars or hearts

Acrylic paint (optional)


Double-sided tape


UHU Glue (Dealz is good for this)

Clean cloth for wiping your hands/mistakes etc

Here are a few of the pebble art frames Cathy has made lately. We hope you might feel inspired to get a little crafty!

Thanks so much to Cathy for taking the time to make this video. Cathy will be available to give demonstrations of her pebble art once again after the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis. To get in touch with her, you can contact her at

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