BARGAIN ALERT! Health and wellness books are on sale at The Book People

The Book People have a clearance sale on at the moment and there are some really awesome bargains to be had, especially in the Health, Lifestyle & Wellbeing section.

I’ve picked a few that I fancy to show you below and they are all under €3, one is only a euro! Bag yourself a bargain before they’re all gone!


Change your life one day at a time

Sale price €3.38

RRP €16.86 Save €13.49

Written by two doctors who specialise in health and psychology, Change Your Life One Day at a Time is the ultimate manual for living a long, healthy and happy life.

Providing a year’s worth of wisdom to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, this book features important and practical advice, and it’s all organised by the seasons of the year. Based on the latest medical research, there are accessible brain-training exercises, inspirational quotes and healthy recipes.

You’ll be encouraged to live by this book and bring the hints and tips into your daily routine. By making these simple changes, you’ll be set on the way to living in a more holistic way.


The Art of the Scarf

Great for anyone styling head scarves during chemo

Sale price €2.25

RRP €11.24 Save €8.99

Have you ever stopped to think about just how special scarves are? From neckties to turbans and drapes, The Art of the Scarf is a celebration of this oh-so-fashionable accessory.

Nearly everyone has a scarf tucked away in their wardrobe, but nowhere near as many are completely sure of how to wear them with style. This book shows you how to adapt your scarf in so many different ways. From bold bows to more subtle knots, there is a way to make the most of every scarf.

With art deco-style black-and-white illustrations to show you how to achieve the right look, this quirky little book explains the best ways to wear scarves with tailored jackets, on nights out or even with a swimming costume.


Good Mornings

Sale price €2.25

RRP €16.86 Save €14.61

Linnea Dunne follows up Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living with the inspirational self-care book, Good Mornings.

This book shows how building a ritual into your morning routine – whether it’s yoga at sunrise or listening to birdsong in the back garden – can be a huge benefit to both your physical and mental health. Starting the day the right way can also help you think more positively and enhance your productivity.

Focusing on how to make the most of your well-being, this charmingly illustrated book will help you find the right morning ritual for your needs. It will help you find a schedule that suits and make the most of the peace and promise of the first moments of every day.


A Year of Living Mindfully

I’ve bought this one for myself and can’t wait to get started with it

Sale price €2.25

RRP €14.61 Save €12.36

Live in a more mindful way this year by following the tips and advice in Anna Black’s write-in book.

It’s packed with ideas for weekly meditations, activities and practices and has workbook pages to fill in to help you on your way to a more content and fulfilled life.

There is an emphasis on progressing at your own pace and building up emotional resilience in a similar way to how we improve our physical fitness. This interactive book also has tips on handling difficult emotions and responding to experiences in ways that make you feel more comfortable.



Sale price €2.25

RRP €14.61 Save €12.36

positive and practical guide to help you recharge your batteries and get that spring back in your step as you think more positively!

Motivational speaker Jo Salter uses her compassion and humour to bring you sound advice on how to create a balanced lifestyle that is suitable for you. Packed with ideas, exercises, tips and techniques, she provides an energy-boosting strategy that will invigorate the mind and body. Jo even offers tips on dealing with common energy sappers like stress and jet lag.

This book includes a questionnaire that will help you produce a personalised profile and action plan, as well as an analysis of six types of energy: physical, emotional, intellectual, personal, creative, and spiritual.


Everyday Calm

Sale price €2.25

RRP €16.86 Save €14.61

Take a breath and enjoy a calmer way of life by following the tips in Everyday Calm.

From inspirational quotes to essential exercises and advice, this little book will help you stay calm when things are starting to overwhelm you. It has a tip, exercise or motivational quote for every day of the year. e.g. March 9th – “Peace is its own reward.” – Mahatma Gandhi; September 13th – assert yourself.

It provides small and manageable steps to help you stay calm and composed and is a book you’ll be reaching for as you attempt to enjoy a calmer life, one gentle step at a time.


The Essential Digital Detox Plan

Sale price €1.13

RRP €11.24 Save €8.99

We all know we now live in a digital world, but wouldn’t it be great to take a break from screens and pause for breath every once in a while?

It’s full of self-help assessments, step-by-step programmes and rebalancing techniques that will show you how to still have social media and digital outlets as a rewarding role in you life, but not at the expense of personal relationships and your mental health.

Orianna Fielding’s The Essential Digital Detox Plan will help you achieve the balance that is needed in today’s always-on world. It even has a 10-step digital detox plan and will help you understand how being unplugged and ‘off grid’ is good for your well-being.

Find these books and more at The Book People. This is not a sponsored post.

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