*NOW CLOSED* Create beautiful brows in seconds with this gorgeous kit + Win your own!

Oh, the struggle is real, isn’t it? Patchy brows, sparse brows, thin brows, NO BROWS. Cancer treatment can do a number on our eyebrows and eyelashes as well as our hair. Thankfully two inspiring women from Cork have created a gorgeous kit to solve all eyebrow woes – especially NO BROW woes – with the slogan that it’s the only eyebrow tool you’ll ever need. Here’s the scoop.

Blinks n Brows is a Cork-based cosmetics company founded in 2017 by Therese O’Leary and Susan O’Neill. In October 2019 they launched their first product – a brow kit including a unique shaping tool which they’ve called ID Brows.

ID Brows is a complete kit to help women create the perfect brow, easily, in seconds every time. Simply hold the tool against the brow bone, pick up the powder and swipe along the shape you choose and you have perfect brows in seconds.

Therese and Susan

Therese is a Beauty Therapist and Make Up Artist, and when Susan lost her brows due to treatment for cancer she realised how difficult it is to recreate a brow with no hairline at all to offer guidance.

She designed the ID Brow tool to be an easy-to-use solution to brow loss and together with Susan developed it and put together ID Brows – a complete kit containing everything to create the perfect brow.

Easy to use

The tool is easy to hold and has a thick handle to grip. It is held easily at jaw level and slowly moved (the head of the tool is flexible) to hug the brow bone.

There is no reaching or stretching or pressing involved. It can also be used by those who need to wear glasses while applying eye make up. Demo videos like this one are on their Facebook and Instagram sites (@blinksnbrows) and on their website at www.blinksnbrows.com to help if needed.

And when your brows do start to return – simply align the arch of the tool to the natural arch in your brow and the results are the same – defined natural shaped brows in seconds.

Complete kit

The kit contains three elements:

  1. ID Brow Tool
  2. A compact which contains a mirror, a duo colour powder and a short double-ended brush
  3. A second long-handed dual-sided brush.

Ladies, I was blown away by the beautiful packaging of this kit. It’s really impressive. Therese and Susan have outdone themselves creating a really gorgeous product which would make a pretty gift for every woman. This is going to be my gift of choice this year for any of my pals who have birthdays coming up!

Mineral powder

The eyebrow powder in the kit is of the highest quality. It was so important to Therese and Susan to provide a safe powder that would last all day with this kit. Two swipes of this powder and you will have perfect brows. The powder is mineral, so suitable for use at any stage of treatment and as it is also waterproof it will genuinely last all day without need of re-application or alteration.

The powder has a strong pigment and so the compact will last a long time even if using every day.

The powder can be removed at the end of the day as part of your normal cleansing routine.

Natural shape

The ID Brow tool has two templates for you to choose from. The top template is the one more commonly used by people with sparse or no hair on their brow. The second template by those whose hair is growing back or have some shape to their brows. By holding the tool to the brow, picking up the powder with the brush – gently swipe the powder along the template and your naturally shaped brow will be done – and will last all day!

The results are amazing. Quiet revolutions can be day changing 😊

According to Therese and Susan, 9/10 women who try this buy it. I think it’s just awesome and definitely the only eyebrow kit you could need, during cancer and after too.

The kit costs €44.99 and is available to buy online on the Blinks n Brows website here.

Competition time!

So the lovely Therese and Susan have offered an ID Brow Kit to one lucky Happy Magazine reader! Here’s how to enter.

  • Make sure you are following Blinks n Brows AND Happy Magazine on Instagram and,
  • Leave a comment on this post below OR wherever you see it on the Happy Magazine social media accounts.

Winners announced on 17 February 2020. Open to Republic of Ireland only.

PS. Blinks n Brows are looking for a brow model – could it be you?

The ID Brow Kit is particularly transformative for anyone who has no brows at all. Therese and Susan are also currently looking for a No Brows ‘Brand Ambassador’ – a lady who has lost their brows completely from cancer treatment – and they’re willing to offer a free ID Brow Kit and a fun modelling session in exchange for some professional photos that they can use on their social media and website. If this sounds like something you’d be happy to do, please email Susan directly at susan@blinksnbrows.com.

For more information on the ID Brow Kit or to buy your own, visit the Blinks n Brows website here.

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy.

Full disclosure: This post has been paid for by Blinks n Brows to appear on Happy Magazine and an ID Brow Kit was also gifted to Holly for the purposes of writing this post.


  1. Colette
    12 February, 2020 / 5:23 pm

    Would love to win this eyebrows kit. I’m living with MBC and my eyebrows are slowing disappearing..follow this page on insta and it looks so easy to use as I’m not the best at make up but this I could definitely use..eyebrows define the face and I remember when I initially lost my eyebrows with my primary diagnosis I so missed them much more than my hair..this would be the best valentine gift 💝

  2. Yvonne keane
    15 February, 2020 / 5:43 pm

    Would love this for a friend x

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