Music therapy: Some of my all time favourites

Oh folks… is there really anything better than listening to some music that you really love? I’ve always been into music and my love for it just seems to grow as I do.

Tonight I’m relaxing after a hospital day and there’s no better way to do that but by lying on the couch, listening to some of my favourite tunes and writing to you all.

So, join me if you will, plug in your earphones and come down memory lane with me… Here are some of my all time favourite songs.

Oh how I loved this album when I was a teen. My friend Sam and I played it til the CD was scratched and falling to bits. This song is still a cracker for me. Go Alanis.

Music doesn’t even have to be in English for me… This beautiful song from Nelly Furtado speaks to my heart, even when I don’t know a word of Spanish. Don’t mind the video… close your eyes and just FEEL her voice in your mind…

My Husband cringes at some of my random 80s loves, like this one from Def Leppard. This song was another part of the soundtrack to my teenage years and darn it, I still listen to it ALL THE TIME. It makes me happy. What can I say? For me it’s an antidote to any bad day.

My Dad found this one and shared it on Facebook awhile back. It instantly shot to the top of my all-time-favourites – it stops me in my tracks every time. If I’m doing something, I stop and just listen. Such beauty in this one for me.

I’m not a Miley fan but this one got me somewhere in my gut. This one is all about love… Deep, adoring, soulful love. Could there be anything better?

My Husband is hiding under the pillow now at the thoughts of me sharing this one! Sorry, love 🤣 Roxette and specifically, their Crash Boom Bang album was my introduction to music – my Mom bought me this album on tape for my 10th birthday back in 1994. I guess you could say this was the start of it all for me – peace, joy, comfort from music all started with this album for me. This song still makes my heart sing. Thank you Mommy 💖

Ah Liam, the ‘hard man’ of rock but he’s got a heart and soul too. Listen to this one and tell me you don’t hear the emotion… There’s plenty I love by him and Noel and their respective bands but this one’s one of my best.

Well folks, I could keep going all night but I’ll leave it here for now. How many of these songs did you know already and how many do you like? I hope I brightened your day with some of them.

Talk again soon.

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy.

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