Meditate with Miriam

Miriam Hussey from Soul Space made a special announcement on Instagram yesterday.

She will be running a week of guided meditations called Meditate with Miriam on Instagram TV starting from 13 January, completely free and for all levels, including complete beginners.

Miriam has a truly beautiful way with meditation, making it accessible and more importantly, enjoyable, for everyone. These sessions are going to be a powerful and positive way to start your day – I’m looking forward to them already.

Miriam will begin each meditation live on IGTV at 6.30am. Each one will remain live on Instagram for the following 24 hours if you miss it or want to listen again. Here is Miriam’s post from Instagram with all the details.


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Would you like to start your day with some nurturing, nourishing and cleansing morning breathwork and Meditation? I am delighted to announce that I am going to open up a week long Morning Meditation with the public via Instagram live (IGTV) starting Jan 13th – Jan 17th. These Meditations be guided and will be available for everyone – of all levels whether you are a ‘seasoned’ meditator or a complete beginner. They will go live from 6.30am and will stay live for 24hours. It will be a really beautiful way to start your day, to cleanse the mind, awaken the body & Ignite the Soul. It will also be a truly wonderful way to connect you with your inner most self, which is always longing for our love and attention. I would love for you to join me if it’s suits. Sending loads of love, light and blessings to all today. ~ Miriam ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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