5 quick tips for chemo

  1. Tic Tacs for nausea
    Oh yes, folks, Tic Tacs are my saviour right now. I get hit with the Most Fearsome waves of nausea and boy, it’s pop a Tic Tac in my mouth as fast as I can or I’ll be getting sick, without a doubt. Tic Tacs are now stashed in every critical place – the car, beside my bed, next to the kitchen sink, down the side of couch. They’re just enough of a sweet kick to dissolve any hard-hitting nausea and work a treat for me.
  2. Wake up early, take your steroids and go back to sleep
    Ah. This has been a trick that has absolutely changed my Chemo Day 2 (the day after a chemo infusion). Now I set an alarm to wake at 5.30am, I take my steroids and I go back to sleep for an hour or two. Then when I wake up again, there is no nausea! Those steroids have seen to it. And I’m relatively good to go then. Before I did this, I’d wake up around 8am, almost immediately start getting sick and then really struggle to try take my steroids or any of my other meds until much later in the day, with the result? A very poor Day 2. Now with this trick, Day 2 is completely manageable.
  3. Blistex for chapped lips
    I’m not sure what it is about chemo that gives me dry lips, but combined with the winter cold, my poor ol’ lips were getting in a bad way! My rescue remedy? Blistex do a handy lip treatment that is cooling and soothing as well as really effective. Lips sorted pronto.
  4. A hot water bottle to plump your veins for bloods
    I’ve only got one ‘available’ arm for bloods and chemo needles after my lumpectomy on my right side three years ago. My one poor arm is getting a little tired and my veins are very shy. A hot water bottle keeps my arm warm in the waiting room and gets my veins plump and juicy for the needle nurses. They’re always happy to know I’ve made an effort for them too.
  5. Water, water, water
    Invest in a glass water bottle if you can and take it everywhere with you. Drink as much clean, filtered water as you can, before, during and after every chemo, it’ll help you get back to yourself as soon as possible.

I hope you found these helpful! These little tips are keeping me going at the moment. 12 more weeks of chemo ahead and I’m ready.

By Holly Kennedy, Happy Magazine Editor. 

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  1. claire murphy
    25 January, 2020 / 8:53 am

    Great tips wish I had known these during the summer

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