Thriver Talks – Positive inspiration for breast cancer survivors and thrivers

A special pal of mine recently pointed me in the direction of Thriver Talks, a podcast series by two inspiring metastatic breast cancer “thrivers”, Nalie Agustin and Stephanie Seban, and I’m so glad she did. Their candid chats about life with a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis (and everything that comes with it) have been providing me with some positive motivation and inspiration for my own path these last few weeks. The girls are based in the US and Canada but this doesn’t make their advice any less helpful for those of us here in Ireland – in fact it is interesting to hear just how similar their journeys have been to the treatment pathways we have here. Nalie and Stephanie are smart, vibrant and intent on living their best lives – and I for one am delighted to see them highlighting the MBC “thriver” journey in the way that they are on a global stage.

You can find the podcast series here.

Nalie and Stephanie are also currently writing The Thriver’s Guide, a book all about exactly how they are thriving with metastatic breast cancer, and they hope to finish it soon. They are looking for input from survivors and thrivers around the world – you can sign up on their website,, to find out more.

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