Free download: Recipe booklet for people living with cancer

The World Cancer Research Fund is a UK charity dedicated to funding  research into the prevention of cancer through diet and lifestyle and cancer survival.

This week they launched their Ryan Riley recipe booklet, as part of their Life Kitchen and World Cancer Research Fund collaboration.

Ryan is a chef who set up Life Kitchen to offer free cookery classes to people living with cancer in the UK.

Click the image to go straight to the World Cancer Research Fund recipe booklet download page

The new Ryan Riley recipe booklet contains 15 nutritious and delicious recipes to help tackle the loss of taste and enjoyment from food in people living with cancer by using ingredients that enhance the flavour of each dish.

Here’s a little look at the contents page:

As all the recipes have been designed to follow the World Cancer Research Fund’s healthy eating guidelines, they are suitable for everyone.

You can download the booklet for free from the World Cancer Research Fund website here or order it for free if you live in the UK.

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