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I’m not much of a sport-watcher but one event I do watch every summer with much enthusiasm is Wimbledon. It’s become a bit of a summer thing for me – I used to sit and watch with my dad many years ago when I was much younger – and I still love it.

Since my cancer experience, I’ve found myself appreciating the game of tennis at Wimbledon from a new point of view – now, the up-and-coming tennis stars taking on the seasoned pros on a world stage holds new meaning for me. Take Cori Gauff, the 15 year old American making her debut at Wimbledon this year – beating none other than Venus Williams, one of her own self-confessed heros, to make it through to the third round earlier this week.

Tennis is a beautiful game of wit, determination, skill, talent, fitness and above all, mental strength, courage and motivation. To sit and watch a match is to sit and watch two players go head-to-head, sometimes, heart-to-heart, in a gruelling display of hard work. Ultimately, there are ‘breaks of serve’ and one player manages to get one up on their opponent. Keep the upper hand and the other player’s game might soon begin to crumble all around them.

Last night I watched Cori Gauff take on Polona Hercog and it was a tough game for both players. Watching Cori take on a more experienced player from her position as a 15 year old debut, you couldn’t but find it inspirational how she held her game, stayed strong, laser-focused and courageous, through and through, against a super-fit and talented opponent, until she finally claimed the game in just under three hours.

There were moments where she nearly lost it all, but she held strong and made a remarkable comeback to win the match. It was remarkable in that her opponent never gave up either, and yet, she was able to overcome her and win those rare break points. It was a great game.

Watching displays of courage, determination, ambition and passion in sport like this one helps me find the same qualities for myself and my own life. Sometimes our inspiration can come from the strangest of places, but, wherever it comes from, I think it’s a wonderful thing.

Do you watch sport? What do you like and do you find it helps you in a similar way?

Here at Happy Magazine I am looking for people who have had a cancer journey of their own, perhaps with themselves or with a close friend or family member, who are now using sport, fitness or exercise in their road to recovery, in whatever shape or form this might be.

If this is you, I’d love to hear from you so that we may share your story with our readers here and spread some sporting inspiration. If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy.


  1. Diarmuid
    9 July, 2019 / 9:28 am

    Thank you for creating this lovely magazine, although, fortunately, I have not experienced cancer myself, I enjoy the content of the magazine as it is a good resource for positivity, healthy living and well-being, etc.. Please keep the information and interesting articles coming…

  2. 9 July, 2019 / 10:49 am

    I am enjoying Wimbledon too. This year due to working less hours I have embraced the experience more than ever. My come back heroine has to be Serena. In the quarters again after a bad injury season she really inspired me to get up and play a game of tennis?

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