An action calendar for July from Action for Happiness

Have you heard of Action for Happiness? It is a UK charity dedicated to building a happier, more caring society. They have no religious, political or commercial affiliations and welcome people of all faiths (or none) and all parts of society. They were founded in 2010 by Richard LayardGeoff Mulgan and Anthony Seldon – three men passionate about happiness – and their patron is the Dalai Lama.

You might have come across their innovative happiness calendars before, which are widely shared on social media. This week I saw their July calendar, and while we are already a little ways in to the month, well, it’s never too late for a little happiness inspiration, am I right?

This month’s calendar focuses on daily actions to help you cope with life’s ups and downs and after being sick the last week or so and also saying goodbye to a family pet of 12 years yesterday, I’m needing all the help I can get to keep my mood on the sunny side!

Here is the calendar…

Isn’t it just wonderful? A lovely positive tool. Why not print it and stick it on your fridge? Share it with your family and your kids and see how the little daily actions lift your mood. The Action for Happiness website also has lots more helpful happiness resources and I’m sure we will share more from them soon here on Happy Magazine.

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy.

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