Yoga Home Practice Workshop with Ruth from Yogaru

Our Yoga Contributor here at Happy Magazine, Ruth from Yogaru, is holding a unique yoga workshop this Saturday in Dublin on creating a home yoga practice.

Including a mini-sequence booklet to take home, this 2-hour workshop aims to help give you the confidence and support to create your own yoga practice to do at home, whenever you feel you want or need to.

You’ll be able to get the yoga ‘feel good’ factor at your fingertips by developing your own home practice with help from Ruth’s Yogaru mini sequences. Ruth will also show participants how to tailor yoga to your individual needs by learning what poses will help ease tiredness, bloating, stress, anxiety and tension, and build strength, stamina, focus and concentration.

Creating a home practice doesn’t have to be daunting – Ruth suggests just 10 minutes a day is enough and will help you step into the day ahead with ease.

In this workshop you will learn to flow through some simple mini sequences and get comfortable transitioning from pose to pose. The sequences will help you work out how to warm up, how to cool down, and how to reintegrate into your day. The take-home booklet will reinforce all you have learnt in the workshop and support you as you take the brave step onto your mat at home!

The workshop will take place at the beautiful Moons Yoga Loft in Blackrock from 12.30pm-2.30pm this Saturday 22 June 2019. The workshop cost is €35. For more information or to book a space, visit the Moons Yoga Loft booking website here or click on the image above.

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