Natural deodorant review – Irish brand Indeora

Today our Beauty Editor Elfreda McGowan joins us to share her review of a new – and Irish – healthy deodorant called Indeora.

By Elfreda McGowan

Here at Happy Magazine, new Irish deodorant brand Indeora came to our attention recently and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it to do our own trial. Available from for €19.95, we’d heard great things about this new product and how it was co-formulated with an Irish oncology doctor.

I had read on their website that this deodorant is free from aluminium, aerosol gases, baking soda, sulphates and synthetic fragrances – a great start. When I got it, the first thing I noticed was the smell is really pleasing – natural coconut and vanilla oil. The unique magnesium formula naturally neutralises body odour for up to 24 hours and a bottle lasts about three months, based on 400 sprays per bottle. I was really looking forward to trying it, as I’m really interested in finding and changing products I use on my body daily, to more natural alternatives, provided they work just as well.

The first thing I noticed about this product was indeed the smell, it’s really gorgeous, particularly if you like coconut, but even if you don’t, it’s really not an overpowering coconut, it reminds me of a really pleasant baby product, or fresh cotton kind of scent, so I was instantly pleased and found it quite uplifting.

The deodorant itself is a spray, which is really handy. It doesn’t go everywhere and you won’t be choking on the fumes like most regular deodorants. On first go, it didn’t leave any white marks on my clothing and seemed really light on my skin. The first couple of days I used it, after a few hours, I did feel like I could have done with topping it up, but I think this is very normal when changing deodorants – your body can take a few days to adjust to the new product. To be honest, it was probably just my own paranoia, as I have continued to use it every day for the past month, and I have gotten no odour whatsoever, so I’m definitely converted.

I recently did a review here on another natural deodorant that I also liked, but I now prefer Indeora as it’s a spray, and it’s less hassle than rubbing in a cream deodorant product with your fingers. Indeora is also Irish, the packaging is biodegradable, it doesn’t test on animals and it’s unisex.

In my opinion, Indeora is an easy change any of us can make after a cancer diagnosis, especially when there are so many more confusing choices to try and navigate in other areas when trying to follow a healthier lifestyle.

I definitely would recommend Indeora to anyone. You can check them out for more information on

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