Lifestyle as Medicine – Miriam Hussey at WellFest 2019

This week on Happy Magazine we are sharing all the best bits we enjoyed at WellFest last weekend.

Today we have a talk for you by Miriam Kerins Hussey – wife of Gerry, whose powerful video we shared with you on Tuesday. Miriam’s talk is all about integrated wellness and exploring lifestyle as medicine to help us stay healthy.

Miriam worked for many years as a pharmacist, dispensing medicine for every ill and ailment. She became more and more interested in wellness and ways to feel better before reaching for prescriptions and this led her to her new role as a health and wellness expert.

Miriam also believes the power of our mind has an important part to play in the vitality of our cells and that we can strengthen our emotional system through working on our mind, body and soul. 

She explores four key areas of ‘lifestyle as medicine’:

  1. Food and hydration
  2. Movement and exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress

Miriam also challenges you to think about:

  1. What is nourishing you in your life?
  2. What is not helping you in your life?
  3. What do you do to nourish your mind, body and soul?
  4. What small changes could you make?

We thought Miriam’s talk was extremely worthwhile and included some great insights and tips for enhancing wellness in your life. We hope you enjoy it too!

About Miriam Kerins Hussey

Miriam is a qualified pharmacist with huge passion for holistic health and wellbeing. In her integrated wellness business she is involved in the design and delivery of many executive, corporate and personal wellness retreats, seminars and programmes. She runs yoga retreats for mind, body and soul, and is an international keynote speaker on health and wellness, emotional eating and more. Her collective qualifications and expertise in both pharmaceutical and complementary health therapies give her a unique and integrated approach to human health and wellness.

Miriam is also Co-Founder of Soul Space, an immersive one day event taking place this September in ClareGalway Castle. We went last year and it was fantastic. You can find out more about the event over on the Soul Space website here.

Miriam very kindly agreed to us filming her talk at WellFest so that we could share it here on Happy Magazine – thank you Miriam.

For more articles and resources from Miriam, check out this link.


Please note, the content in this post and video is not intended to replace medical advice in any circumstance. It is important to always remember that any changes that you make to your diet, medication, cancer treatment or lifestyle should be discussed first with your medical team to ensure that they do not conflict or interrupt your specific treatment. If you have an immediate concern about your health, please contact your oncologist, GP or local emergency room.

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