5 minutes of early morning beach sounds from Co Sligo

I am just back from a lovely long weekend of camping with my family at Aughris Head, Templeboy, Co Sligo. Ireland truly is the most beautiful place. Wherever we go, I never cease to be amazed at just how breathtaking this country is.

Near Aughris Head, Co Sligo

Aughris Head, Co Sligo

Early on Monday morning, I was standing on the shore at Aughris Head beach, just listening to the sounds around me – the waves, the little river running to join the sea beside me, the noises of the first people rising and moving around the campsite. It was so peaceful and calm.

Aughris Head, Co Sligo

I wanted to capture it to listen to at another time, when I wanted to be reminded of the moment, so I got my phone out and hit record. I think it actually turned out quite well, so I thought I might share it with you here today. This is five minutes of early morning waves/campsite sounds, captured at exactly the spot you see in the picture above.

The little thwumps you hear at the end are the sound of wetsuits being laid out on the grass by the surf school guy, setting up his equipment for the day.

Aughris Head, Co Sligo

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend the Beach Bar at Aughris Head too, for a bite to eat with a long walk on the beach after. That’s my husband and little boy at the picnic tables outside!

I hope you enjoy the sound recording.

By Holly Kennedy, Happy Magazine Editor.

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