Mindsets for growth and positive thinking by Sadia from Pick Up Limes

Sometimes I think Sadia from the Pick Up Limes YouTube channel is in my head! Her latest videos always seem to come at a pertinent moment for me – I wonder how she does it? Like this one, on mindsets for growth and positive thinking.

In it, Sadia outlines some of the key takeaways she has learned from some well-known books on creativity, productivity and positivity and it’s a really helpful summary that is very motivating, for wherever you are in life. I hope you enjoy it.

About Sadia

Sadia is a Canadian foodie and Dietetics Graduate currently living in The Netherlands. She now works as a YouTube content creator for her channel Pick Up Limes – an online community of over 1 million people.

She also regularly adds new plant-based recipes to her blog, along with uncomplicated and informative nutrition articles.

The Pick Up Limes food philosophy is to take things back to the basics. Sadia believes in eating as much whole-food, plant-based ingredients as is reasonable to each individual, using food as a way to nourish ourselves. She also believes that when it comes to diet, each person is unique and individual, and it’s important that we all honour where we are at.

Sadia has very kindly given her permission to us to share some of her content on a regular basis here on Happy Magazine and we are just delighted.

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