How to make the best egg salad by Downshiftology

Is it Spring yet?? Sometimes it feels as though it is, and then a cold breeze blows in…! But we’re feeling a little Spring-y here at Happy Magazine, so we thought we’d share this tasty recipe video for egg salad today.

This video recipe is from Lisa of Downshiftology on YouTube and we just love her precise approach in the kitchen.

Egg salad is something we eat a lot of here in the Happy Mag household – we have it on sandwiches and in wraps all the time and especially so in the summer. We think this recipe in particular is really tasty and will be trying it with boiled new potatoes too for an easy potato and egg salad when the evenings turn a little warmer.

We hope you enjoy it, if you give it a try, please let us know in the comments below.

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy

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