Two essential books by an Irish author to help you get through your cancer journey

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Irish author and speaker Cathy McCarthy. Cathy lives in Dublin with her family and she is a breast cancer survivor of twelve years. Since her own cancer experience she has written two books, the proceeds of which have been donated to various charities.

The first book is a positive self-help book for a cancer journey, titled Not The Year You Had Planned (published in 2011), and the second is a follow-on book focused on the journey after any serious illness, called Stronger Than Yesterday (published in 2016).

Not The Year You Had Planned is a practical and comprehensive guide for navigating the journey of cancer treatment and everything that comes with it. It is everything a cancer patient learns along the way of their own journey and so much more and as such, would be an invaluable resource for anyone just starting out on their cancer journey. The book is uplifting and Cathy’s aim with it was that it could play a positive and supporting role during a cancer illness.

It is something I really wish I had had during my own treatment.

Although the book is eight years old, it is still full of relevant and helpful content and something I would definitely recommend if you are starting out on your own cancer journey at the moment.

Stronger Than Yesterday – living your life beyond adversity is aimed at helping anyone who has come through a life-threatening illness. Cathy knows the journey after treatment is both daunting and frightening and believes the mind has a huge part to play in our overall wellness after an illness. Again, the book is full of practical and spiritual advice and includes inspiring stories of those who have shown courage in adversity – stories which Cathy hopes will help others live full and meaningful lives after a serious illness.

Cathy has completely inspired me with her two uplifting books and her purpose to help others going through cancer/recovering from cancer.

Both books are available to buy on at the links given above. All proceeds go to various charities, see the individual book details for more information.

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy.

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