It’s Pancake Tuesday! Helpful recipe links from the World Cancer Research Fund

Mmm, pancakes. Typically a sugary treat, the thought of pancakes might be stirring up some feelings for you today.

After a cancer diagnosis, sugar can become a bad word and trigger misery (because you feel you can’t have any) to anxiety (because you feel you are having too much).

Personally I try to follow an 80/20 rule with my diet – that is, eating balanced, healthy and whole food meals 80% of the time, and giving myself permission the rest of the time for the occasional treat.

If you’re marking Pancake Tuesday today by whipping up a few in your frying pan, swap out the sugar or syrup toppings for a handful of berries or half a sliced banana (or go savoury!) with one of these helpful recipes from the World Cancer Research Fund website:

Banana pancakes

Fluffy wholegrain pancakes

Sweet potato pancakes with carrot and onion

By Happy Magazine Editor, Holly Kennedy

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