A meditation for the week ahead

Our Reiki Contributor Grainne Nolan joins us today with a 30 minute meditation focused on the Root Chakra.

This meditation is about gaining inner strength, balance and the ability to move forward easily, feeling safe and secure. It’s very calming and absolutely wonderful to listen to when you need to stop, unwind and relax.

Why not keep this meditation in mind for a time when you need a break during the week ahead?

Grainne’s meditations are soothing, comforting and aim to transport you to a place of deep inner peace.

This meditation is the first in an online package of 8 weekly meditations Grainne has recently started to sell online.

Grainne also holds a regular meditation group and private reiki sessions at her studio in her home in Lucan.

For more information, contact Grainne via her Facebook page here

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