Snow Day – Yoga for Self-Love from Yoga With Adriene

This February (the month of LOVE!) we will be sharing a few posts around the theme of self-care, starting with this 50 minute Yoga for Self Love video from Yoga With Adriene.

If there is snow where you are today, this home yoga practice video is just perfect for incorporating a bit of movement into your day while staying indoors to avoid the cold. It’ll definitely get you warmed up and hopefully leave you feeling refreshed and grounded too.

This video may not be suitable for complete beginners to yoga, or if you have had surgery recently. If you do decide to give it a try, please remember you should never feel any pain. As Adriene would say, just Find What Feels Good, and do that.

We really enjoyed the self-love theme in this video. With it being the first of February today, it’s the start of a new month once again. Perhaps your New Year’s Goals seem like a distant memory, nevermind that, today is a new opportunity to start again.

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