Light entertainment – Instant Hotel on Netflix

I’ve got another Netflix Original TV Series recommendation for you today. But, before we go any further, I must give you a warning – binge watching will be inevitable!

This time the show in question is called Instant Hotel. And there’s a whole 12 juicy episodes to watch.

It’s reality TV once again, but this time, teams of Australian homeowners compete for the title of Best Instant Hotel by staying overnight in one another’s holiday rentals and rating their experiences.

As well as some sweet moments, there is also a lot of stiff competition plus some contestants playing a bit of an aul strategy game with their scoring… If you know what I mean. The first set of contestants (episodes 1-5) are quite entertaining but the second lot (episodes 6-10) are a little, eh, harder to get on with, shall we say. But it sure does make for some light entertainment, if you don’t let them get to you, that is! And I haven’t even mentioned the INCREDIBLE Australian scenery and homes to ooh and ahh at throughout.

Here’s the trailer…

If you’ve ever thought about running an AirBnB of your own, you’ll love this.

Have you watched Instant Hotel? What did you think of it?

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