Happy New Year from Happy Magazine!

We hope you all had a lovely evening last night and a peaceful start to the New Year this morning.

I love the start of a New Year. It’s the ultimate clean slate and new beginning, filled with promise and possibilities. I love to set goals, big and small, for January and for the year. This year, I’ve got so many goals and I’m excited to get working on them!

Today we are sharing a little more detail about the FREE* online course Niamh from Directionality is offering Happy Magazine readers, called Your New Normal. If you missed yesterday’s post, check out the preliminary details here. This could be a great first goal for your New Year, or indeed a way to help you achieve other goals that perhaps you’ve had in your mind for some time.

Using tools from positive psychology and medical coaching, and limited to the first 30 participants who apply, this online course has been specially designed by cancer survivors for cancer survivors to gently help you design and live your new normal, on your terms.

We asked Niamh for a little bit more information for anyone who may be interested in registering for the online course which is due to start on 7 January.

Here’s what she had to say…

Your New Normal – A free online course for the New Year from Directionality

Before the course starts, I will be asking participants what they want to change in their lives and why so that I can get a feel for who they are and what I can help them achieve.

The course then will start with a snapshot review of where they are vs. where they want to be and then a letter of commitment that everyone writes to themselves, so that they’re clear on what they want from the course, what they want to work on, etc.

I’ll set up a Facebook group for people to connect with each other during the course and check in how they’re getting on with their challenge and I’ll do a Facebook live video (hopefully) every day to set out each new courage challenge.

In terms of time commitment there’s a tiny bit of time required for the daily courage challenge, maybe 30 mins a day max (examples of courage challenges are writing a letter of thanks/making a phone call to someone you’re thinking about/taking 1 minute extra in the shower and turning the water to cold/find a way to get 10 mins exercise when you think you’re too busy for any, etc) but mainly it’s what you want it to be, more a change of how you see things, how you see yourself, such as catching yourself when you say, “Ah no, I won’t bother” and forcing yourself to do exactly that thing you think you can’t, or noticing when your language is limiting and causing you to be small… that requires mental effort but no time effort!

Any files that are used will be sent via email. I’ll also send out an email with more information to everyone who’s committed to the course before it starts.

Why not kick off 2019 with Niamh and this inspiring course? We think it sounds excellent and can’t wait to hear the feedback.

Sign up before 3 January

You can sign up by sending an email to niamh@directionality.ie before 3 January.

*The course is free, but if you could spare it, Niamh would appreciate a small donation to mental health charity A Lust for Life if you do take a place on the course.

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