A Buddha Bowl Builder and a few words on diet and cancer

Healthy eating is always on the top of our list in January, and this year in particular, it seems everywhere we look we are being encouraged to eat more plant-based meals or even convert completely to being a vegetarian or vegan.

Eating trends are always around us, but they might not be right for us – Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Since my cancer experience, I’ve definitely changed the way I eat and it’s very important to me now to eat healthy all year round.

A lot of readers here on Happy Magazine have asked me over the past year for diet advice, but I am no expert, and I am especially not qualified to give advice of this nature to people going through cancer.

Diet and cancer is an extremely complex area and one that you are best to discuss comprehensively with your medical team and your hospital’s dietician. They will take into account you, as an individual, and all your needs from your diet. This will be tailored to fit with your cancer treatment plan, your weight, your lifestyle and other factors.

Depending where you are in your cancer journey, you may want/need to lose weight or you may want/need to put on weight. You may also need additional vitamins/supplements. All of this should be tailored for you by your medical team and your hospital’s dietician. While eating trends are always around us online and in the media, the current trend, whatever it is, may not suit you, as an individual, at this point in your life.

That would always be my best advice.

Now that we have that out of the way.

I wanted to share a useful printable from our contributor Ruth from Yogaru. It is food related, hence the rather long preamble today. It’s a Buddha Bowl Builder and I think it’s a really handy thing to print out and stick on your kitchen fridge.

Save and print this handy Buddha Bowl Builder for your fridge door

Buddha Bowls are a great way to help you meet your Five-A-Day goal for healthy eating. I like to rustle up a Buddha Bowl a couple times a week for lunch, using dinner leftovers and whatever else I can find in my cupboards, fridge, fruit bowl and vegetable drawer. The me before cancer would never have fancied a Buddha Bowl, so when it comes to making one at home, I need help with inspiration of what should go in there to build a nutritionally balanced plate. That’s where this printable is really handy.

If eating healthier is at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions list, perhaps this quick guide to building a Buddha Bowl might help inspire you at lunchtime. We think it’s an easy place to start for introducing healthier options in your life.

Check out the Buddha Bowl Builder on Ruth’s Yogaru website here.

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