Multi use, vibrant headbands from Hygge Bands

I’ve written before here on Happy Magazine about a type of tubular head scarf that I liked to wear instead of my wig during the months I went through chemotherapy.

My mom found a similar product recently online called Hygge Bands and I think they’re great too. Here’s a video from their website:

I love all the different ways you can wear them. I used to wear mine the same way you’d wear a normal woolly winter hat, and the back of it used to just drape softly at the back of my head, it almost felt like a little bit of hair! I wore them a lot around the house instead of my wig and I also always slept with one on. I also liked to wear one over my mouth when I was out and about in busy public places and for a little bit of extra warmth while receiving my chemotherapy.

What do you think of these? Would you wear them?

You can find the Hygge Bands from the video above online here.

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