Day 11: Vegan-ish by Holly White Book Giveaway

Today marks our 11th Day of Christmas fun here at Happy Magazine and our latest festive surprise for you is one final giveaway – the new Vegan-ish recipe book by Holly White. 

Whether you are already a committed vegan or just curious about this increasingly popular diet which has so many health and environmental benefits, in this book Holly White will take you on a mouth-watering journey through her own slow conversion to a plant-based diet. Vegan-ish includes over 100 delicious, everyday recipes which she has created, as well as practical advice on when and how to change your diet, food swaps, eating out and shopping economically for plant-based foods.

From juices and smoothies to quick and creative lunches, hearty main meals and incredibly tasty desserts, Vegan-ish dispels any myths that a plant-based diet is too restrictive or difficult to follow and is packed with inspirational ideas for incorporating more vegetables and pulses into your diet.

Please note, if you are currently going through cancer treatment, please consult with your medical team before making any significant changes to your diet (such as becoming a vegan). Weight control during cancer treatment is very important and your medical team/your hospital’s dietician will be able to advise you on the best route for you. Diet advice during cancer should be tailored for your individual needs.

Enter the Giveaway

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The winner will be announced TOMORROW here on Happy Magazine, so make sure you enter today. Good luck!

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