Changing thoughts of FEAR into thoughts of LOVE – A mindfulness technique

I’ve been practicing a quick mindfulness technique lately that I thought I might share with you. I’m finding it works quite well for me and perhaps it might do the same for you.

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Whenever I have thoughts of fear – anything from a minor anxious thought right through to a crisis of confidence, I do the following:

I make a conscious effort to mentally stop the negative thought/s and then immediately start creating thoughts of gratitude. 

So for example, if I start worrying about a new ache or pain somewhere in my body, instead of letting it burrow in and start creating a world of chaos in my mind, I do the little mental exercise above and instead start thinking of all the many things in my day or in my life in general that I have to be grateful for. I try to think of as many as I can and before I know it, the anxiety has passed and I’m feeling better. The thoughts are often just small things like, being grateful for feeling well on my daily walk, having money to buy food for my family, receiving a message from a friend, etc. I spend as long as I need thinking thoughts of gratitude and before I know it, I’ve snapped out of the negativity zone and have moved on to something else.

This little mindfulness technique has been helping me out quite a bit lately and the more I practice it, the easier and more effective it seems to be for me. Perhaps it might work for you for those moments of irrational anxiety we all get from time to time?

What do you do for thoughts of worry or fear? Do you have a little mental technique to share?

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