Using compassion to heal trauma – A talk from Gerry Hussey

Tonight I attended week 2 of a Survive & Thrive course organised by the Marie Keating Foundation and which I wrote about last week here.

I’m finding the course incredibly helpful already. It’s so nice to be able to talk in a group with other breast cancer survivors about how we are feeling. It is fascinating to hear what we have all been through as a group and it’s already starting to be therapeutic how we are all able to bring something to the group to help one another.

Tonight we had our first speaker, Dr Sinéad Lynch, a counselling psychologist. Dr Lynch brought us through a mental exercise on compassion which reminded me very much of the talk from Psychologist Gerry Hussey that we shared here on Happy Magazine back in September about healing trauma.

This prompted me to share the video again with you, in case you have not seen it yet. It’s a real gem. I hope you get a chance to listen to this today and that it might help you, wherever you are on your cancer journey. I’m going to give it another listen too.

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