Writing an Autumn Bucket List

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I love this time of year. Well, really I love the changing of all the seasons, one into another – it’s a great opportunity to change/refresh routines and start new habits. But summer changing to autumn has to be one of the most spectacular times of year, when nature really wows us with her prowess – the colours changing in the leaves on the trees, the arrival of wild winds to blow them all away and the bite of cold air returning after the warmth of the summer fades.

Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash

Spending a few minutes writing a Bucket List of seasonal delights is a lovely way to mark the time of year and plan some fun for right now, as well as the months ahead. Here’s what’s on my Autumn Bucket List this year. Some of it is mundane, like clearing out my wardrobe, but others are exciting and will make days to look forward to. I’m sure we won’t do it all, but I do know we’ll have fun trying.

  • Go for lots of bright autumn walks with my little boy
  • Enjoy autumn through my little boy’s eyes – crunching through leaves, searching for as many different colour leaves as possible, stamping in puddles
  • Enjoy a warm cuppa at a coffee shop after a long chilly walk
  • Buy a new coat and maybe even new boots too, for winter
  • Switch out summer clothes for winter wear in my wardrobe (my wardrobe is not very big) and while I’m there,
  • Do a clear out of my wardrobe
  • Bring out the slow cooker and work on my homemade stew recipe
  • Slow roast a shoulder of lamb in the oven on a cold Sunday afternoon for a meal with friends
  • Treat myself to one of Pukka’s new herbal latte blends to enjoy on rainy afternoons and cold nights
  • Enjoy an autumn overnight stay in Wicklow in our campervan
  • Visit Penneys for new hats and gloves for the family
  • Visit Newbarn Farm in Ashbourne, Co Meath to look at the pumpkin patch and show our little boy the animals
  • Clip back and clear our garden and sweep our patio, ready for winter
  • Enjoy a Sunday lunch by a roaring fire (we don’t have one at home)
  • Bring our bed duvet and pillows down to the living room couch and have a family movie night with popcorn and hot chocolate
  • Light candles around the house in the evening
  • Bring the hot water bottle to bed at night
  • Start running again regularly – I love to run in the evening when the sun is low and the air is cool
  • Do a deep-clean and mini-makeover of our family bathroom to fall in love with it again, and then
  • Take a bubble bath by candlelight and just relax in it – no book, no distractions
  • Go for an autumn walk in the Phoenix Park
  • Visit the Glasnevin Museum and do the Cemetery Tour

I hope I have inspired you to enjoy making your own Autumn Bucket List. What would be on yours? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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  1. Niamhie
    13 October, 2018 / 6:20 am

    Lovely post Holly, I am a big fan of Castletown House, Emo Park and Russborough House at this time of year. Like you I love to wrap up and head out for a good walk, all the changing nature really kids the guys busy too! My boys will happily walk any where for a good hot chocolate!
    I love the idea of a big clear out and also I like starting to get ready for Christmas😁.
    Have a great weekend.

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