Fancy starring in a new fashion show on RTÉ?

A production company called DSP have been in touch with us here at Happy Magazine with details of a new TV fashion show they are creating for RTÉ.

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

They are looking for men or women who might like to take part in the new show, called The Fitting Room.

They have been in touch with us as they realise that people who have been through a cancer journey might find trying and buying new clothes a challenge if their cancer experience resulted in surgeries that have impacted the way they wear clothes.

It’s a new series with hour long episodes. The idea is that in each programme there will be three contributors who are each paired up with an Irish designer. The designer works with them to come up with a unique bespoke outfit for a special event they have coming up. This could be anything from an interview, a graduation, a birthday, or whatever is important to them big or small.

Laura from DSP sent us the above flyer with more information.

The next steps would be to fill out a very short application form which you can get by emailing

The deadline for sending in your application form is Friday 26 October.

It sounds like it could be a bit of fun!

If you would like to find out more or would like to speak with Laura, you can contact her by phone on 02039727498 (Northern Ireland) or by email to

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