Creacon Wellness Retreat: Day 2

After an absolutely silent night tucked up in our comfortable beds at Creacon, we both woke before our 7am alarm this morning feeling refreshed – how wonderful. Soon we were on the move and we slipped out of the quiet and still lodge for an early morning walk.

iPhone photo on our walk, shared on our Instagram Story

We walked and talked and admired all the picturesque country views around Creacon. After about thirty minutes, we decided to turn back and re-trace our steps. More talking… and before we knew it, we had taken a wrong turn! No matter… we found our way back and returned to the lodge just before breakfast. A note for all readers – take a Creacon walking map with you if you go for a walk 😉

After wonderfully hot showers, we joined the dining room for a great breakfast spread – I had a small bowl of hot porridge with almond milk, nut butter and cinnamon before tucking into a plate of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Mmm. My friend had poached eggs on portobello mushrooms with a gorgonzola sauce. Plus coffee and fresh juices – a great start to the day.

At 10.30, we did a Five Tibetan Yoga Class in the meditation hall. Neither of us had ever done this type of yoga before – it was interesting and challenging and we both enjoyed it.

Shared on our Instagram Story

It is just five yoga poses which you aim to do 21 times each (once you’re an expert, that is). The class instructor, Jonathan, brought us through each pose and then helped us practice each one and hone the technique of each. The hour flew by.

At 11.45 then, we joined a Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation, also in the main hall. This involved lying on air mats with pillows and blankets and listening to a series of sound gongs and vibrations created by a leader with a collection of brass bowls and gongs.

Shared on our Instagram Story

The sounds are interspersed with a series of spoken meditations and lasted about an hour. The intention of the combination is to enter a state of deep relaxation. I have wanted to experience one of these classes since I first heard about them so I was pleased to be able to try it at Creacon. Although it wasn’t for me, it was clear others in the room really enjoyed it and some were even asleep.

Also on offer today was a two-hour workshop titled The Master Key to Your Happiness but unfortunately we had to get back on the road home for other plans.

After a tasty lunch of quinoa cauliflower stew with homemade brown bread, we packed ourselves up again and checked out. Leaving Creacon, even only 24 hours after we first arrived, felt like leaving new friends and a familiar, homely place. The staff here were incredible – so warm and friendly, welcoming, helpful and multi-talented.

Creacon Wellness Retreat is a unique getaway destination. Nestled in the Irish countryside, it’s a place for personal relaxation and rejuvenation. On offer are personal development classes (mindfulness coaching, stress management, etc), therapeutic treatments (acupuncture, massage, reiki, reflexology, etc) and wellness services (for depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, etc) as well as healthy, hearty food, alkaline water for drinking and showering and very comfortable accommodation.

Creacon dining space

The Ash bedroom at Creacon

One of the many relaxation spaces in the lodge

The meditation hall

The conservatory, a space for painting, crafting and colouring

The Lodge has plenty of places to rest, spend time with others, spend time with yourself, draw/paint/colour, practice yoga/meditation/pilates, read, craft and more.

The beautiful gardens, infrared sauna and outdoor seating areas I would imagine are even more lovely in the warmer months – offering additional tranquil spaces to rest, reflect and restore.

Gift shop

Every week Creacon offers a variety of events, classes, guest workshops and treatments. Day Retreats including lunch are possible or stay for two nights and experience all that Creacon has to offer. It is also possible to stay at Creacon on an Extended Retreat Program. For more information, please visit the Creacon Wellness Retreat website here.

A heartfelt thank you to the Creacon Wellness Retreat for their kind invitation to experience a day/night in their beautiful place.


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