10 tips to sleep better from Downshiftology

You have a lot more control over your sleep than you might think. With a few tips, habits and sleep hacks, you can learn how to sleep better naturally, fall asleep fast and most importantly – stay asleep.

Sleep is essential to our wellness and it’s worth prioritising. It is our rest and recharge state. It’s the period of time when our body rebuilds and replenishes tissue, balances hormones, regulates metabolism, builds new neural pathways and removes toxic waste byproducts from the brain – all critically important functions to the body.

Today’s post is an excellent video from Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology on YouTube on how to sleep better.

Image from https://downshiftology.com/how-to-sleep-better-naturally-fall-asleep-fast/

I have brought you a few Downshiftology videos before here on Happy Magazine, but they have all been food-related. Today’s video is all about sleep and natural sleep hacks to get you sleeping great.

It’s really, really good.

Anxiety, stress and poor diet from our technology-driven, hyper-connected, on-the-go lifestyles are at the root of most sleep problems and why we can’t sleep. If you struggle at all with your bedtime routine, falling asleep, staying asleep or feeling rested after a night’s sleep, this video is for you. Lisa brings us through information on the following ten tips towards better sleep, each one really helpful:

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule
  2. Create a bedroom oasis
  3. Evaluate your mattress
  4. Get some exercise
  5. Drink relaxing teas
  6. Unplug from technology
  7. Cut caffeine and alcohol and balance your blood sugar
  8. Listen to guided meditation
  9. Take a warm bath
  10. Try natural sleep supplements

Try one, try a few, try them all!

I think this video is to-the-point, comprehensive and a pretty great (free!) place to start if you want to improve your sleep.

I think you’ll definitely find benefit in watching this today. Please do let me know if you enjoy this video and if you are going to try any of these sleep tips.

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