Trying to get healthy again – Liezl Jayne on YouTube

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

I’ve shared a few of Liezl Jayne’s videos here on Happy Magazine and today I have her latest for you. Liezl Jayne has been suffering with a number of health issues for the last number of years, the main one being chronic fatigue after a bout of swine flu some years ago. It was this that led to Liezl becoming interested in eating well and how to look after her health, which led us to her videos in the first place some time ago.

In her latest video, Liezl brings us through her new Morning and Evening Health Routine – little things she is doing every day to try restore low energy levels after being unwell once more with a bad dose of the flu.

There are a lot of useful health tips in this video so we thought it was definitely worth sharing. Liezl is not her usual bouncy self but we hope she will be back to herself soon with this routine.

We really admire her initiative and determination to get herself better with these healthy habits and think even if her tips in this video are not for you, perhaps it will inspire you to create your own health plan for the coming weeks.

PS – Is it too early to put a Nutribullet on my Christmas list? 😉

Have a lovely Sunday.

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