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Happy Sunday everyone!

So Sundays tend to be a little bit more light-hearted here on Happy Magazine… I love my Sunday posts! Today I want to share with you a little rabbit-hole on YouTube… Be warned – once you start down this path, it could be awhile before you come back to the real world!

The Home Primp

Today I want to share with you a series of 18 videos on YouTube called The Home Primp. I got started watching these awhile ago and ended up spending way too much time watching all these delightful home makeover videos. If you have ever thought about making over your deck, or bathroom, or bedroom, or office cubicle, or studio apartment – on a budget… you get the idea. This is total home makeover heaven. Even if you never lift a paintbrush – I think you’ll still enjoy these.

Although a lot of the items used in the videos are bought in US stores and prices etc are in $… They’re still fun to watch and get ideas for all the lovely little tricks you can use to make your home a more enjoyable space – without too much time or money spent. And we all want an enjoyable home space, don’t we? There’s something so lovely about sitting with a warm cuppa and watching home makeover videos 😀

Here’s a list of all the videos… Are there any here that catch your fancy?

Gorgeous Modern Deck Makeover Under $300

Junk Room Turned Cozy, Bright Family Room Makeover

Stunning Studio Apartment Makeover on a Budget

Cubicle Makeover

Stunning Small Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

How to DIY Indoor Plant Pots and Stands

Gorgeous Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

DIY Dreamy Home Office Makeover For Under $200

Awkward Small Space Gets A Major Makeover on a Budget

Condo Bathroom Makeover

How To Update a Holiday Mantel For Under $50

Tiny Condo Living/Dining Makeover For Under $300 

How To Update Your Office Cubicle For Under $50

How To Hack an IKEA Billy Bookcase For Under $150

Small Condo Balcony Gets a Major Makeover On A Budget

How To Create A Cozy Bedroom Reading Nook – For Under $300

Small Entryway Ideas: Major Makeover On A Budget

Have fun!

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