Little Green Goddess Soup from The Little Green Spoon

Today’s post is a delicious soup recipe from Indy Power, aka The Little Green Spoon. Indy so kindly lets us re-share her recipes here on Happy Magazine – a little while ago we shared this lovely Greek Salad from her website – but with the weather turning a little cooler and the rain here for a few days, it’s definitely soup weather.

Little Green Goddess Soup from The Little Green Spoon

Indy calls this her Little Green Goddess Soup and I love it. Not only is it really tasty, it’s easy to make and it’s super nutritious too. I use this soup as an enjoyable way to get a whole lot of cancer-fighting green goodness in from the broccoli and spinach. I don’t use kale but rather a double portion of spinach (I’m not a kale person!).

The coconut milk is a lovely addition and makes this soup creamy and delicious. I get a little tin of coconut milk instead of the normal size ones as the recipe only calls for 200ml (half a normal size can) and I don’t like to waste a half can if I don’t have an immediate other use for it. I use an organic chicken stock cube for my stock and my advice is – don’t skip the toasted nuts – it brings the soup to another level!

Even my toddler enjoys this soup. He was a bit suspicious at first but now loves “GREEN SOOOOP!” when he sees it land on the table for lunch. And I’m delighted he’s getting some super green goodness in too.

So if you’re looking for a tasty way to pack some powerful green goodness into your diet – my recommendation is this delicious soup from Indy. Make a big pot of it, have it for lunch with a brown toasted sandwich and then freeze the rest in single-serve portions – lunch for other rainy days sorted. If you’re struck with an autumn cold – this is just the ticket. Do let me know if you make it, I’d love to hear what you think.

To go straight to this recipe over on The Little Green Spoon, click here.

For more from Indy, visit her website, The Little Green Spoon


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