Highlights from Soul Space: Gerry Hussey on Healing Trauma

The Soul Space event I was so looking forward to happened this weekend. Very early on Saturday morning, my husband, toddler and I tumbled into our campervan and hit the road to Galway. We arrived at the beautiful venue, Claregalway Castle, at 9am sharp and I found myself a front row seat for the opening ceremony – soulful music from the O’Neill Sisters.

The first talk of the day was by Psychologist Gerry Hussey. As some of you may already know, I think Gerry is excellent at what he does and his talk first thing on Saturday morning was no exception. I am so pleased I was able to record it for you all.

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

Gerry spoke about healing trauma – how trauma can show up in our mind, body and spirit and, how to release it. He described trauma as something of high emotion that we experienced that was completely outside of what we expected. The talk was relevant for anyone who has experienced a trauma in their lives, whether a car accident, form of abuse, death of a loved one, suicide or other trauma.

I feel most of the talk was also relevant to a cancer experience, especially if you feel your cancer experience has been particularly traumatic for you.

It certainly helped me.

I know I will enjoy coming back to this video over the coming months, even years, to re-listen. These are valuable words and I hope you might be able to take the time today to have a listen.

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