Have you got a question for Clare?

Clare Reed, our Cancer Therapist here at Happy Magazine, will be answering your questions regarding the tools and techniques you can use to help yourself through the challenge of cancer in our first print edition coming out in December.

A message from Clare

Think of me as your mind and body cheer-leader, and your CBT Cancer coach, on your challenging cancer journey. Let me help you get mental clarity and feel calmer. I will share my knowledge with you, from over a decade working as a trusted CBT therapist.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the ‘go to’ mind therapy for cancer. I won’t let you down, as you take on your toughest challenge yet. Cancer, ‘The Big C’ (and many other choice names we can think of!), can control you in so many unhelpful ways. Unhelpful ways that you don’t need right now. I will put you back in the driving seat and back in control of your life.

How do I know CBT will work for you? I too had cancer, breast cancer at 42 years of age (triple negative, stage 3). I applied all my years of CBT experience on myself, as I have with many cancer affected clients over the years, with great success. My clients know that CBT helped them through this challenging time. I also have a mother who had breast cancer and is now a decade clear. I understand what it is like to be in your shoes. I am making this my life’s mission to help cancer patients, their family and loved ones navigate through this challenge.

Ask Clare your burning question

Is there a question that you’d like to ask Clare? Perhaps you’d like to ask her advice on how you can get through cancer at the same time as your partner has left you. Or her top tips for dealing with The Fear of a recurrence once your treatment has finished. Whatever it is, if you’ve got a burning question you’d like to ask Clare, please email it to us here at holly@happymagazine.ie today and we’ll get them ready for her.

We’ll publish a post with three questions from readers, along with Clare’s answers, in an upcoming post and it will also be published in the first issue of Happy Magazine.

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