An Instagram account you need in your life – Yogaru

Guys and girls, today I want to share with you an Instagram account I am really enjoying at the moment and that’s the Yogaru Ireland instagram account run by none other than our own Yoga Ruth/Yoga Guru Ruth Delahunty.

Ruth has written some incredible yoga content for us here on Happy Magazine, including beautiful yoga sequences that you can do at home, and lately I have been enjoying her Instagram posts and Stories so much that I thought I simply must share her all with you here once more and encourage you to follow her Instragram account.

Ruth’s philosophy is all about living a yoga way of life on and off the mat and I feel that’s a pretty fantastic description of the type of content she shares online.

As well as lots of yoga sequences you can do at home, Ruth also shares fantastic recipe builder cards to help you create incredible meals quickly and easily at home – from salad bowls, buddha bowls and smoothies to school lunches and more. With the colder weather here once more, her porridge builder below is perfect for printing now and popping up on your fridge or kitchen cupboard for easy reference:

You can check all of Ruth’s recipe builders out (and download them for yourself) on her website here, which is also very much worth your time.

I love all of Ruth’s yoga lifestyle tips and chat on her Instagram account – she inspires me all the time with places to visit, books to read, bread to bake and food to make and of course, yoga to do. Ruth was a graphic designer before she became a yoga instructor and she integrates this into her new yoga way of life by designing beautiful yoga sequences (and taking beautiful photos!).

She has also designed an incredible set of yoga sequence cards to help you create your own home yoga practice and I can’t wait to get my hands on a box.

Ruth also writes regularly for the WellFest blog, you can check out some of her past articles here. She also holds regular classes at The Yoga Room in Dublin if you live/work in the Ballsbridge area and would like to meet her in person.

Click here to visit the Yogaru Ireland instagram account.

Click here to visit the Yogaru website.


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