15 podcasts on resilience

Most people define resilience as the ability to spring back during a difficult situation. Or, maybe you know it better as simply being “tough as nails.” Either way, having the grit to recover from hardship and keep going is a valuable trait – and one that’s especially important for anyone facing the unique challenge of cancer.

People all have different degrees of resiliency – some can weather anything; while others need some time, patience, and care to get back on their feet. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, everyone needs inspiration from time to time. And, luckily, you can draw motivation from lots of different places, like spending some time indulging in self-care, or even listening to something that puts a spring in your step.

If the latter sounds like you, there are lots of podcasts that can help foster resilience. And one of the best parts about podcasts is that they’re a convenient way to absorb new information and process events that have already happened, so you can learn while taking a breather, too.

Plus, listening to stories of other people’s success and struggles is a great tactic to keep your eyes on the prize and forge ahead. A US-based website called Fundera have rounded up 15 of the best podcasts to listen to when your spirit is flagging and you need a little extra inspiration to keep going. Here’s their list in a cool infographic.

We’ve been stuck on the Marie Forleo and Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcasts ever since we found this graphic and highly recommend them both.

15 Podcasts on Resilience

Thank you to Fundera.com for this graphic.

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