How to wrap great Turbans! By Georgie Crawford

Have you been following Georgie Crawford on Instagram?

Georgie is the Entertainment Editor at Spin Radio here in Ireland and she has been going through treatment for breast cancer over the last year. Georgie has been shining a light on the young woman’s experience of breast cancer in Ireland and encouraging all women to check their breasts on a regular basis. She is also the Brand Ambassador for the current Boots Feel Like You Again cancer campaign.

Raw courage

We love Georgie’s rawness and honesty about her cancer experience and her courage for sharing her story in real-time with thousands of followers on Instagram.

A few days ago Georgie shared the post below on her Instagram, talking about her Turbans which she has been doing herself at home with old scarves. She wears them on their own with her new short hair or over her wig and makes them look so effortlessly chic that we just had to ask her if we could share her DIY technique here with you all.

So today’s post is…

How to wrap great Turbans! By Georgie Crawford

Click here to go to Georgie’s Turban video.

Thanks very much to Georgie for her permission to re-share this post and her video.

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