Greek Salad from The Little Green Spoon

Those of you that keep an eye on the Happy Magazine Instagram account will have seen that I treated myself to a copy of the cookbook from The Little Green Spoon, aka Indy Power, recently.

And boy, oh boy, have I been enjoying it! I started reading it the very first night I got it, taking it to bed with me and reading it page to page, like a novel. As I turned each page I got more and more excited about all the beautiful food in my future… Just about every single page is a recipe I’d seriously give a try – from breakfast, soups, sides and salads, mains and breads through to sauces, dips and spreads, on the go, treats and drinks – I’ve never been this excited about a cookbook before.

Indy Power started her blog, The Little Green Spoon, back in October 2013 thanks to encouragement from her hungry family. She began sharing her healthy recipe experiments online and her readers fell in love – with how her food tasted, how it looked and how it made them feel.

Her book isn’t about cutting things out, it’s about embracing all of nature’s gorgeous natural foods and how you can eat them to make you feel amazing. All recipes are marked with Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Paleo symbols, so you can make sure you’re eating what you decide is best for you, while enjoying every mouthful.

I’ve had the book for about ten days now and I’ve already made about ten recipes. They’ve all turned out beautifully – I’ve been eating very well!

I reached out to Indy via email a little while ago to ask her permission to share some of her delicious recipes here with you all on Happy Magazine – and she agreed! So today I’m delighted to bring you something from her website which she shared very recently – a simple recipe for a bright summer Greek Salad.

Although the sun may be away this week, the weather still looks like it will be on the warm side – just right for this fresh, zingy salad to brighten up your day.

I’ll be making this for lunch today, along with her Quinoa Rainbow Slaw, a recipe from the book. I’ll keep the leftovers of both in tupperwares for the next few days.

I love feeling excited about food again!

Click here to get the recipe.

With thanks to Indy Power. 


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