Cool and comfortable headwear for during chemo

An email from a friend who has just shaved her hair after her first chemo brought me back to the same time for me, last year.

Initially I didn’t mind shaving my hair – I preferred that I took control of the situation and had it shaved rather than wait for it to start falling out – and initially I didn’t think I looked too bad.

It got harder though as time went on – and this is something I try to warn anyone about who is facing into it. It gets harder, not easier – as you lose your eyebrows and eyelashes, there is a definite feeling of a loss of femininity.

But. BUT.

This is what you must remember – this is only for a short time, not a long time.

And before you know it, you will be through your chemo and your hair will be growing back thick and fast.

And it’s so much fun styling new, short hair and learning all the new things you can do with it as it gets longer, bit by bit. I promise!

So, back to the first point. I didn’t like to wear my wig 24/7. I would wear it whenever I was leaving the house, but if I was just at home with my husband and baby boy, I wore tube scarves on my head.

A tube scarf is a longish, elastic-y circular piece of fabric – a tube shape, if you can imagine that. It can be worn in many ways including around the neck as a scarf, but I wore them on my head, ‘Sahariane’ style, see below:

They were cool and comfortable, the material nice and soft against my scalp and I loved the way the end of it would fall at the back of my head, a little bit like hair of some description!

I bought quite a few of them from Amazon – they come in packs of 6 or 8 different designs usually. They are cheap and cheerful and they did the job nicely.

So I thought I would share these tube scarves here today, in case there are any readers out there looking for some brightly coloured, cool and comfortable headwear alternatives for around the house until their hair is back.

Would you wear these? Let me know in the comments!

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