Beauty during cancer: Look Good, Feel Better Workshops

Happy Magazine Contributor Ciara Doran joins us today with a guest article about the Look Good, Feel Better Workshops that you may have heard about in your hospital. Ciara explains what they’re all about and how to register for an upcoming workshop near you.

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a charity fundraising free service for women experiencing the visible side effects of cancer.

They are a non-medical and brand-neutral support service who provide free workshops giving practical advice to women all over the world. The beauty experts are dedicated to improving the wellbeing and confidence of women going through cancer treatment.

I first discovered the Look Good Feel Better charity when I received a makeup brush from the brand, in a beauty subscription box. I decided to read up some more about it and was amazed to find out that they have set up fundraisers and volunteering programs in 26 countries worldwide, which make Look Good Feel Better the only worldwide cancer support (with over 20,400 volunteers and 600+ organisations).

Here is a snippet from the Irish Look Good Feel Better website:

Look Good Feel Better was launched in Ireland in 2003 as a programme managed by the Irish Cancer Society and in 2013 was re-established by the Irish Cosmetic & Detergent Association (ICDA) as a registered charity. Our service to date has provided support to nearly 10,000 patients with the support of over 20 leading companies and brands from the Beauty and Fragrance Industry as well as many other organisations that recognise the benefits of our service.

Emily Dunne was involved in the set up of the Look Good Feel Better program in Ireland and Margaret Heffernan came on board in 2005 as a volunteer. They are the program managers who have worked tirelessly to help make this happen so a big shoutout to them and the charity board listed here.

So far they have helped nearly 10,000 patients in Ireland, with thanks also to the brands from the Beauty and Fragrance industry who help them achieve this, as well as other organisations and of course, the many volunteer beauty advisors and fundraisers.

How it all started…

Here is a brief history of How the Look Good Feel Better program came about (from the main LGFB website):

It all began with one story; in the United States in 1987 a physician asked former Personal Care Products Council President Ed Kavanaugh how he could organise a ‘makeover’ for a woman in cancer treatment who was experiencing dramatic visible side-effects. The woman was so depressed and self-conscious she would not venture outside her hospital room. Kavanaugh made some calls and was able to provide cosmetics and a beautician – and the makeover transformed not only the woman’s look, but her outlook as well. She felt happier, less burdened and laughed for the first time in weeks. Ed Kavanaugh, with the support of the cosmetics industry and the American Cancer Society, went on to establish Look Good Feel Better in 1989.

Which hospitals host the Workshops?

Here is a list of the hospitals in Ireland where the Look Good Feel Better Workshops are available:

  • St. Vincents Public and Private Hospital, Dublin 2
  • Sligo University Hospital
  • Letterkenny Hospital
  • The Mater Hospital
  • Galway University Hospital
  • Kerry University Hospital, Tralee
  • St. James’s Hospital Dublin
  • Cork University Hospital
  • St Luke’s Hospital, Dublin
  • Limerick University Hospital
  • Tallaght Hospital
  • Waterford University Hospital
  • Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
  • Mayo University Hospital

The workshops include information and demonstrations on –

The 2 hour workshops are a positive pick-me-up for those undergoing cancer treatment and help boost self-esteem. They are both fun and informative, giving patients something to look forward to at their next visit to the hospital.

The Look Good Feel Better workshops are held monthly, depending on the hospitals requirements. A 12 step skincare and make-up regime is taught and at the end a substantial gift bag of products are donated to each patient.

How do I register?

If you are interested in attending an upcoming workshop, speak to your oncologist nurse or Daffodil Centre at the hospital you attend in order to arrange it.

Here is a list of the current workshop dates from the Look Good Feel Better website – WORKSHOP DATES May-Nov 2018.

If you would like to inquire about attending a workshop yourself or for a friend or family member you can also contact Look Good Feel Better via the main site’s contact form here.

Interested in fundraising, volunteering or donating?

If you are keen to participate in fundraising for such a great cause, they have come up with some great suggestions such as sponsored walks, workplace events and more here.

If you happen to be a beauty therapist, make-up artist or have at least one years industry training (and undergone formal internal training with your company), you are welcome to volunteer as a Look Good Feel Better beauty volunteer at the workshops. It goes without saying, you need to be caring, compassionate and have a sensitive manner for this position. If this sounds like you and you want to help make a difference to other women who are going through cancer, then you can apply through the main site via the contact form, email or phone here.

If you would like to donate to such a worthy cause, you can do so easily via the various methods – bank deposit, idonate or text through the main site here.

Spread the word

Share this post on social media to help raise awareness of these workshops and do let us know in the comments below if you decide to volunteer or fundraise. We will happily share it on our social media for you too.

Ciara is from Wicklow in Ireland and is a stay-at-home Mum to two beautiful baby girls. She set up her blog after discovering the amazing benefits of natural skincare. She also runs a magazine-style blog featuring lifestyle, beauty, fashion, news, home interiors, travel and food called Blog News Weekly which is updated every Sunday. After watching the TV documentary “My Chemical Life”, she is trying to cut out chemicals from her life, wherever possible. She is a firm believer in self-care and having positivity and gratitude, which she writes about in her blog regularly.

Many thanks to Ciara for this article.

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